Ward is too required. Armor seems under whelming

Ward is not OP but it feels like the only thing to stack. Armor seems underwhelming by comparison.

Ward builds use armor dude. Armor is fine and works well. Life regeneration and endurance threshold base amount could use some buffs.

If you don’t stack ward, you stack life and leech/regen.
Armor is extra mitigation that goes under that and applies to both ward and life build.

Where the hell are you getting this from. Armor is actually rediculous, it reduces ALL HIT only thing it does not work on is DoT’s, this includes elemental, void, necrotic, physical and anything that uses poison as a hit.

You may only get 70% of its value for anything that is not physical but if you are rocking 50% armor which most builds should aim for then that is 50% for phys and 35% for all other damage. Armor becomes more valuable the harder monsters hit.

Armor is the equal to health once you reach a certain threshold. If you are rocking 4k hp and only 20% armor you will probably be better off dropping 1k HP to pick up the extra 30-40% armor that you can potentially achieve.

Regen is good but it won’t help if you get hit too hard and it seems to have a delay before it kicks in. Life leech has the same flaws it does in every game, you need to be doing damage, and enough of it to get life back. You also need to be taking less damage than you can regen through, armor significantly helps with this.

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