Ward Generation Issue (Cleric Hammer/ Seraph Blade / Divine Barrier)

Crit HH/Rive Build
Build Inspiration

The main issue is that procc’ing HH with Cleric’s Hammer via Rive seems to only generate about 2-3k ward on rare enemies and 8k ward on bosses. Whereas when I spec into unbroken prayer is only when I’m generating the amount of ward as shown in the video.

Is this is because of cleric’s hammer reducing the upfront heal or that Seraph Blades doesn’t scale with attack speed?

I have no problem playing the channeled version but it’s been a bummer since pushing past 200 corruption with only 2-3k ward generator through rive/hh is not sustainable.

The ward generation is coming from HH procs off of rive, which is entirely dependant on your attack speed. So the guy in the bottom video is using a 1h weapon which is faster than your 2h, the 1h weapon has +attack speed, and gets another 30% attack speed from the sentinel tree. He’s attacking nearly twice as fast as your 2h and thus generating twice as much ward.


I had swapped to a 1H and gotten about 100% increase in attack speed but was running into the same issues where I was only generating more than 3k ward on rares and bosses.

On the build inspiration, the guy’s got about the same attack speed.

The only thing I can think of on my part was using the wrong weapon base cause I was using a 1H mace.

You want a 1H sword or axe to get the +30% increased attack speed from the sentinel passive (you’ll need to add a few more points to sentinel to get it).


In the video he says it at about 9:00, Urgent Healing more than doubles the ward generation: base healing 100 +35 per point.


Thanks everyone for the replies. Will do some testing with a sword/axe!

What you’re seeing is normal. Cleric’s Hammer throttles the upfront healing by 65%. So even with Rive hitting like eight times a second, you’ll get more ward directly attacking with Healing Hands, and much more with Unbroken Prayer (at the expense of needing Volatile Reversal to restore mana if you want to use buff skills).

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@Lumineus Funny thing I noticed using unbroken prayer is that I think it’s bugged since my mana regen wasn’t being stopped. I’m wondering if EHG is going to leave Seraph Blades/HH scaling with cast speed so that it doesn’t generate bonkers ward.