Ward For Teleport (sorcerer)

So i see that ward is being nerfed in the upcoming patch (i assume this is to not let sorcerors stack 8k+ and help balance) but the only reason you can stack that much is cause the skills is bugged. If not bugged then the “warding” is wrong.

Skill - Teleport
Node - out of mind
Possible allocated points - 3

The “warding” is “converts 12% per point of current health into ward at twice its value”
yet it coverts much closer to 30%

I have 1436 life if i use teleport it drops me down to exactly 1006. Thats 430 life of 1436… Or 29.94%. No where close to 12%

If this skill actually only coverted 12% there would be no need to make ward decay 2x as fast as we would have less than half total to begin with.

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