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Ward based bladedancer for 8.4?

Yeah I have several arrowguards and the bow you metioned.

The poison/bleed chance I was referring to losing was the passive nodes with +bleed/poison per dagger & sword equipped (and idols with the same suffixes). There’s also a passive that gives more chance to poison per equipped dagger, etc.

I may try that, or levelling as flurry bows and see how that goes. Who knows? (Hah, rhyming)

If the bow thrower and/or poison don’t work, I can always go bow mage, that looks fun too.

Yes o fcourse you need to adapt your itemization, that is probably the biggest challenge for this kind of build.

But things like “while wielding abow” or “per bow equiped” still work.
So you can use Idols and Passives with thos conditions and still benefiting from them if you do throwing stuff.

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