Ward affixes

I’m a new player, so please feel free to point me to a resource.

I’m really liking the ward mechanic and looking for affixes to farm. I’ve read some older posts that mentioned ward on kill, ward per second, and ward per mana spent but also mentioned some of those are mage specific.

Which gains ward affixes can an acolyte get?

The acolyte doesn’t get many affixes, but htere are a few, plus you can get ward on minion spell, ward on minion/enemy death, ward on crit from the Lich and massive amounts of ward on zombie death (from some nodes on the zombie tree). But the Acolyte does very well from the Exsanguinous/Last Steps of the Living uniques given how many hp drain passives & % damage on low life/% damage trippled on low life passives.


Thank you, that’s real helpful. Now to waste a few days theory-crafting lol

Need to look into the ward in minion spell, hadn’t heard of that one yet.

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