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Ward + 25% of the Endurance? Sorcerer want to live!

More surviving for a Mage with a low-health mechanic. “Ward” will take 25% of the current endurance percent, or no more than 15% of Endurance percent. Perfect with “Exsanguinous” unique body armor.
Maybe there was a reason to do not this, but its a good idea for surviving to the characters who use this “ward” mechanic.
Anyone thoughts?

P.S. Sry for my english.

Welcome to the LE Forums!

I am personally not a big fan of this idea, because all the Low Health/Ward Uniques are already incredible powerful.

Mage does have other tools to make him really tanky, like “Damage Dealt To Mana Before Health”, which is super powerful if you combine it with Endurance.

For Mage your suggestion might not be that OP, but Endurance is really powerful, but does require a lot of investment (two stats).

With your suggestions, even with a reduced value, you essentially will remove one stat, that you need to invest into (Endurance Threshold).

Thanks for your answer! Alternative for a mage, make some node in Passives like: Ward gaining Threshold and endurance mechanics, Endurance can be not more than 10%, or something like this. And we can up this line (i mean 10% and abow). What do you think about this?

I am not sure, Mage in general is already a very good class, with a lot of cc and range/kiting capabilities.

Ranged builds are already a lot easier to play in a lot of scenarios.

I also like, that there are different defensive layers for different builds.

I just don’t see a reason to make mage more tanky.

Thanks for your opinion.
Its just another thoughts about alternative “ward” tanking potentional, for another sorceress ward build`s.

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