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Want to purchase, hesitant because of previous early access experiences

I really want to purchase the game right now, even though 50 dollars is such a high price tag.

But being burned on previous early accesses, and also seeing how long wolcen has been in dev, Im so skeptical that a kickstarter will make it. This game looks great, but im just hesitant.

Anyone who has been around here for a while shed some light on how the dev has gone, future plans, etc…more than you can read in a dev blog post?

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I commented on your other post, but I was hesitant to purchase a pack at first also, but from what I have read and seen by visiting these forums for a while now, this team consistently hits their goals and they communicate with the community on a regular basis. If any kickstarter game is going to make it, Last Epoch will be the one. They plan to transition to beta at the end of April, so that means the game will only have spent about a year in alpha. They then plan to spend one year in beta and hopefully release the game in April of 2020.

I’d say don’t let Wolcen stop you from supporting other games in development. I bought Wolcen a while ago, but the atmosphere around here seems totally different.

Edit: The price tag isn’t too bad either actually as it includes 500 points to use later for cosmetic microtransactions on top of the cost of the game, which will be around 20 bucks if I remember correctly.

I am a KS backer. And I’ve watched the game grew from a demo to what it is today.

From the early days, I have been demanding that EHG should publish a more detailed roadmap than what was shared on their KS page. They still have not delivered on that*. But what they have delivered is substantial updates month after month since the launch of alpha; and now, they are on track to deliver beta next month as promised. I have had several conversations with Judd, the game director, and having observed the team for a year, they are strong proponents of “Show. Don’t tell”. They deliver. Period. They don’t just talk about delivering.

*And it really doesn’t matter any more as explained above. Also providing some clarifications why the team found it difficult to promise a roadmap. The team uses a very agile development process so it is hard to pin details to a roadmap and they don’t want to disappoint supporters on what they put to paper.

If you’re still hesitant, why not wait another month and see how the beta is received by the community before deciding? It would also be a lower price of $35 to buy in then. If you like, join their discord and check the history in #arpg-discussion. Many have discussed the development pace between Wolcen and Last Epoch. I think the verdict is clear :slight_smile:


I have yet to find a team thats involved as EHG. Discord and Forum involvement proves this, they even hop in streams as often as they can. I wouldnt have backed so much and promoted them as much if i didnt believe in them to succeed. I’ve done countless giveaways and promotions for them as well. They listen to your feedback and take everything (for the most part) into consideration. I haven’t seen this before and it truly helps a lot of supporters too. You dont have to buy now if your skeptical, but your feedback will always be welcome during development.

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I feel ya mate. My eye usually starts to twitch at the thought of handing over cash at this stage,…but for some reason I have a good feeling about this one. Don’t know what it is, but they definitely seem to be going about everything in the right way.

Update: Well, looks like I spoke too soon (typical) cause atm I get stuck on “please wait” and can’t connect to the server so beta is inaccessible, and seeing as how there are only a handful of others who are having this issue, I doubt its on the devs priority list.

Hi. I share your opinion. however, with the help of youtube, twitch and websites, I am carefully following the evolution of the 5 arpgs that are to be betaed this year. the Eleventh Hour Games team is by far the one that meets its deadlines the most, that communicates effectively without falling into bad marketing. As far as I’m concerned, I bought a pack without question to play the beta version. I firmly believe that this game will allow me to quit PoE once and for all. The other arpgs under development don’t give me that impression at all.

Hi, what are you following except LE and Wolcen?

Hi. I’m following the progress of Torchlight Frontiers, Pagan Online and Warhammer Chaosbane in addition to LE and Wolcen. For me, the most important things for a game are fun, replayability and transparency to the community. Last Epoch is the most promising.

As far as ARPGs go:
I ‘Actively’ play PoE. Quit D3 after about 1500 hours.
As far as ARPGs in development that I am interested in:
Last Epoch

Lost Ark, whenever it comes to NA and while more MMO than ARPG, has my interest the most.

As @Jerle mentioned, there isn’t a detailed roadmap presently, which is a bit of a bummer. I do, however, understand that they are still pushing content from multiple different angles, and things in the Alpha have been in flux enough that maybe it would have been counterproductive. Hopefully, during the beta, they’ll be able to provide one, to help folks who are still on the fence have a better idea of what’s in the pipeline.

That said, the team here has been very present, particularly in their discord, giving their thoughts on things and sharing information regarding development. They are also pretty responsive on reddit and here in the forums when threads are created about various topics. I’ve also been impressed with the progress they’ve made since the pre-alpha demo. Thus far, they’ve delivered on promised dates and the content has been well done, which would lead me to believe that they will hit their intended release date, and that the game will feel complete when it is officially released.

If you are still on the fence, I recommend waiting until the beta releases (April 30th I believe) and check out the patch notes and community reception then.

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If the steam price isn’t too high (less than $30) I think you’ll definitely get your moneys worth if you buy it. I can easily see 20-40hrs of gameplay in the beta depending on how much you like experimenting with different builds…etc. I got in on early Alpha and very much enjoying Last Epoch and already feel I got my moneys worth( put in close to 100hrs ingame already)

@Cesmode: I played Lost Ark for couple months and it requires groups for endgame(3-4 people) you can’t solo anything endgame, which ended up being a turn off for me as I couldn’t consistently find people to group with. It’s loot is very linear and nothing like most arpg games loot either. Unless your a fan of WoW style MMO Lost Ark won’t be for you.

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