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Wanna try this class

I am really looking forward to try this class!!!

Some of the skills in the BeastMaster kit are actually druid skills.

Is this a summoner?

If they’re in the Beastmaster kit right now, I’m assuming that means they’ll be shifted to the Druid when ya’ll get him going and the Beastmaster will have different skills? Or do they have overlapping skills?

I really hope the beastmaster is the summoner class and that druids are the shapeshifting and maybe healing type of class or nature magic type. Since there are more than one archetype in each class I guess you will kinda choose a path here, but in my opinion those would fit the druid more.

Beastmaster will definitely be focused on summons, while Druids will focus more on other forms of nature. Because of our class system, they will both have some overlap. Both the Beastmaster and Druid start out as Primalists, so there are some skills that won’t as directly fit their expertise that either mastery class can use.

There are some skills that the Beastmaster has currently that will in the future be Primalist or maybe Druid skills, once we have more classes and the Mastery system implemented.

If this druid build plays similar to d&d type druids, then this should be an extremely fun build to play. I’m looking forward to both this class and the marksman call to try out.

Druid class is a guaranteed play for me :slight_smile:

Tried the demo. All the basics are there (not a bad thing!). Love the animation of tornadoes. Any chance we will get a cold version (like the fire tornado) or perhaps a Blizzard type of spell? My Druids like to cast cold spells !

I’ll talk with the team about maybe having unique items convert the damage of a skill, e.g. making Tornado a fire-based skill. Would that be something you would be happy with?

The game needs more cold damage for sure. Dunno how much the Druid will have, though.

Well, it looks like there was already an option to change tornadoes to fire. Sure, something like that for cold would be okay. The only thing I was getting at was the badass factor from Druids comes from calling down storms, and sometimes we get cold options (blizzard/hurricane type storms).

Then again, it is probably just nostalgia from Diablo 2 Druid and having cold hurricane on a windy Druid.

I already like how the class is getting fleshed out already, it is just that when I saw there was an option for a fire tornado I was like “well cool, but where is an option for cold!”

Will the druid get unique secondary besides a shield? like a Spirit totem if you want to use a one handed weapon? Or even staffs that fire an element ? Druids are usually a very unique class that don’t typically is basic sword/shield and 2 handed.

Now what WOULD be awesome is if Druids or maybe even other spell caster based classes could get an item like a Conduit (Orb,Stone,doll,etc.) that would act as a 2 handed weapon and is specifically for increasing spell damage and has HUGE benefit’s in choosing a pure caster but also has drawbacks from choosing an item that doesn’t provide much defense.

The basic attack would also be a ranged energy projectile and its damage is dictated by spell damage and other elemental damage chances. This makes it to where everything is sort of pathed and you have to way your pro’s and con’s when going a glass cannon high dps or decent dps with one hand and shield for safer play.

I am so hyped for this game and want to be as active as humanly possible in shooting ideas to a game that has so much potential to be extraordinary.


We are in the process of removing the boards for the mastery classes.

I’ve moved this thread from Druid to Primalist as a courtesy.