Wandering spirits

Any idea for the new wandering spirits? I think the skill got too nerfed. Shorter duration, increased cast time that is like a self stun. Sometimes spirits wont use the poison projectile since they disappear too fast even when i maxed the points in duration and frequency

I’m probably dumping Wandering Spirits now. That and the Spirit Plague nerf have made me lose interest in my Lich builds, and lessened my desire to return to the game after a break. Hard to get excited about builds knowing that the devs wield such a strong nerf hammer and could demolish something I spend tons of time on. I know that is a common characteristic of such games, but it still turns me off.


Maan my maaaaan…i just did the same. I died 4 times with my lich that was barely losing any health otherwise. RIP LICH. I am starting a new character as i am writing this. Most like a void knight. Im a bit sad cause i just unlocked empowered time lines for my lich and i though i was going for a big arena push. I have t7 gear and generaly very solid build. But skill changes as you said killed it. RIP

Yeah, I dropped wandering spirits entirely. I tried the new on for a bit and I dont mind the idea of a cast time + cd nerf too much persay, but unfortunately, I don’t feel like it was compensated for well. As of now, wandering spirits can no longer be seen as a passive dps increase which is unfortunate as that is all liches seem to be able to do. Spirit plague, death seal, aura of decay, are really just cast and wait abilities. the remaining abilities, aside from reaper form which is a tad more complicated, will burn mana quickly if you’re doing damage with them (drain life and soul feast). As a result, Its good that they added the mana generation to spirits, but it needs to be channeled so you need minions if you actually want to get a decent amount of mana out of the channel.

The dominant lich build prior to nerfs was the poison aoe build which was boring to play imo. Autocast spirits, turn on plague, and then spirit plague everything… Honestly, it wasn’t a particularly healthy playstyle for the game, but they nerfed all three abilities at once which is a little weird i think…

truth be told, I dont think lich is a very good solo class right now. it’s mana heavy for boss damage, doesnt have good mana generation, and its trash clear was heavily nerfed. Im relatively new (170 hours), so if I’m vastly misunderstanding how this class should be played, let me know. I’d like to play lich.

Not even sure why this was nerfed in the first place. We already had MUCH stronger builds (flame reave, shatter strike, lots of rogues, a few javelins, werebear). I love LE but if they want to bring classes in line with where wandering spirits are now I’ll have to put it with PoE (the games that were once good pile).

Tried WS with channeling, with CDR, with duration… It’s all so blech now. The spell takes away DPS by taking time to cast it, and Spirit Plague cast time is 1 time per second WITH 60% increased cast speed.

Lich is just bad now. (Edit: meant poison Lich).

The idea is to not put skills on autocast. When we autocast skills, it’s because we want them permanent. The devs see that as a design error. For them, a skill should be cast a the right moment.

I love Wandering Spirits and I always used it on autocast, but I understand the dev’s point of view: the skill is not meant to be played this way. The current change is probably a test, to see if it works suitably now. The game is in beta, it’s the perfect time to test and try different ways. I’m fully confident the devs will find a way to have Wandering Spirits non permanent but really efficient!

I hope you’re right, but I still disagree with the practice of absolutely obliterating a skill before you’re ready to fix it (hi shadow daggers, abom, Ward, Glacier, AotS, Wraiths, Forged weapons, etc).

Before it gets mentioned, some of my examples aren’t as bad anymore but they were for a long time.

Wow, 2 poison characters worthless now, cool :confused:

Also the new unique ring is also just useless, it only adds to poison base spells, so basically this one and plague aura lol even with 4 extra lvls on this ability it’s still absolute garbage. Thanks devs, love yaa

TBH, all i really want is for devs to increase the viability of more builds at lower “item levels” (<- not sure that the official term to use here is). even the poison build needs quite a bit of healing effectiveness to stop you from killing yourself.

That’s just one out of many possible poison builds.

Not every poison build uses AoD self-poisoning.

Poison just has a very step investment curve, since it ramps it’s damage up exponetionally due to the inherent shred mechanic.

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