Wandering Spirits possibly lagging the whole game out connection wise

What went wrong? -
I’m not totally sure this is the cause as there has been known server issues today, but this also happened the other day.

But randomly once in a while when using Wandering Spirits, the game will seemingly lag out connection wise, like the server died completely or something.
You can still run around, but spells won’t work, your minions don’t move - you can still die, but you will be running around with 0 hp after death animation. I had a longer period where I didn’t use Wandering Spirits where I had zero connection issues. Now, after using it again, I am starting to lag out again.
You never get kicked out of the game either, you have to close it yourself, or you will just be running around endlessly, which is also one of the main reasons why I think it’s a bug and not actually server related.

The biggest culprit seems to be when you use the channeled version of Wandering Spirits (if you use it for too long it also starts to lag connection wise, with the occassional complete connection freeze), but it also happens just with base version it seems.

Player-prev.log (809.7 KB)

We have a potential lead on this internally, thanks for the report.

Yay! I am “glad” that I wasn’t just imagining things :stuck_out_tongue:
But sucks it’s a bug of course!