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Wandering Spirits is doing work for me now

Trying a DOT Lich build with Spirit Plague/Death Pact/Transplant/Reaper and Wandering Spirits with the channeled node and the new damned/necrotic shred nodes. It does a shocking amount of damage, and even more if two or more spirits line up on a boss, and it covers a huge area for packs. I think most of the work is still being done by Spirit Plague and Death Pact, but it’s doing more damage for me than Hungering Souls without the mana issues and way more AoE than Drain life. I like it!

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Build planner please? Is it holding up in empowered monoliths?

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Haven’t reached empowered monoliths yet or even finished the build, haha. I’ll definitely put more of an update when I’ve gotten farther, but just wanted to let people know I think it’s an avenue worth exploring.

From the early numbers you are able to get it should be a breeze in empowered monos.

It was pretty obvious the channeling node was gonna be the way to go why all of the nerfs (especially when spirits do not survive anymore the end of the skill, + the reworked cooldown), i’ve started to grind a new one, but got too many travellers to play right now.

PS : BTW, i really believe a lot of Lich’s builds are still waiting to be discovered, all of the possible interactions with poison and bleed, etc… Been respec’ing mine several times after 8.3, and there are a lot of hybrid stuff that can shred everything in seconds with crazy burst times, problem most of time will be to build decent defences for >250/300 corruption.

Do you mean Death Seal or is Death Pact something else? Not finding it in search. Thanks!

I meant Death Seal, haha.

Having reached empowered monos, this build is still a beast. Death seal and spirit plague rip through packs like crazy, and those plus the spirits take care of rares and bosses easily. Leech + endurance is crazy powerful, and all I have to do is run away and cast plague when reaper and seal are down.

Awesome, thanks! Any chance you can upload your character to the builder planner so we can get an idea on the framework of the build? No need to edit/optimize it IMO.

Oh wow, I didn’t know that was a feature!

Here’s what I have so far. The idols could be optimized much better, and I haven’t touched the jewelry at all - the left ring is a drop and the right ring is from chapter 1 LOL. Last Steps of the Metropolis also isn’t remotely worth running, it does basically nothing here.

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Awesome thanks for this! Definitely gives the rest of us a starting place to build off of.

No problem! I think the most important takeaway is that the most important gear of the build are:

  • Woven Flesh
  • A really sick Engraved Gauntlets
  • Maxed Endurance & a good handful of endurance threshold

Aside from that it’s very much to taste.

Thanks for the update. Necro builds are really lacking the punch with this latest patch. I’ll check this out.

PS : BTW, i really believe a lot of Lich’s builds are still waiting to be discovered, all of the possible interactions with poison and bleed, etc…

I have been doing work with a bleed build, and I con confirm that it is VERY potent, one of the best I’ve seen. Not 100 yet though so take that with a grain of salt.

Poison was huge in 0.7.X, but not so much now, it’s fallen out of favour. It’s still good though, not too hard to make a few ideas as I think all but 1 of 2 of the trees have poison somewhere in it.