Waiting time?

So, for people who is having the bigger Supporter Packs bought/owned.
Wondering on how long waiting time is usually required to receiving Physical Items after you paid for your Item/Pack.
And did you have to pay any VATs & Customs on their arrival?

The waiting time heavily varies, because EHG sends them out in waves, when they have enough pending.

For me it was like 2-3 Months until it was send out, but I know people were it was more like a couple of weeks (plus the time it takes to arrive at the destination).

I didn’t have to pay any customs or VAT’s here in Germany. Not sure if that might differ from country to country.

But I would highly recommend reaching out to their support, if you want to have detaisl regarding your specific shipment.
The have a dedicated ticket category for that.

Bless… I ordered mine in Dec 20 and it, eventually arrived Jun 22 (though to be fair, they were switching between play mats during that time). The t-shirt did arrive much earlier though, within a few months. And no, the import vat was handled by EHG.

I bought the supporter pack in 2020. Received my shirt 6 month later, my playmat hasen’t arrived yet after 2 years.

:open_mouth: wow, and I thought mine was bad… Have you been poking support?


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Thanks for replying, and at least it does give me a perspective.
But I am surprised to get to know something like 2 years for something like a Playmat?!? Cmon. Seriously??! That is not normal. At all. You got to get in touch with them and see what on earth is going on.

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I did get in touch with them several times. They need to wait to receive their shipment of playmats from the supplier.
They apologized, we had a polite conversation…all good.
I bought the supporter pack to support EHG and the ungoing developement and not primarily for the shirt & playmat, even though 2 years its a little bit weird, yea.