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Voting! Democracy!

Hello fellow arpg nuts (thats a compliment)

So just yesterday i noticed this button at the top of topics in this Feedback & Suggestions section.
I pondered a bit at what that was, and ended up pm’ing one of the moderators here.
I was delighted to find out, that it is a system to simply vote up a topic, if you agree with the feedback/suggestions contained in it.

One of the positive aspects of this would obviously be, that there’s less “+1” posts and hopefully more discussion in the replies.

Another positive aspect imo would be, that it makes it very easy for mods/devs to see if a topic simply has alot of debate (lotsa replies) or if people totally agree with a topic. Making even a topic with 0 replies very worthwhile to read if it gas a substantial amount of votes.

I did however come across one negative aspect of it. Imo anyways.
That would be, that a topic like that offers alot of different feedback/idea’s can be hard to vote on. I might agree with several points made, and disagree with some others. Would it be better if we made a new post for each suggestion then? Or would that simply create alot of clutteres topics in the section making it that much harder to read through them all…

Would love your thoughts guys and girls.

Edit: Typo


I’ve been demoted to forum moderator, have I? Charming. :stuck_out_tongue:

If someone has a lot of feedback on one particular thing and you agree with some of it but not all of it, then I can understand you may be unsure of whether you ‘should’ vote for the thread or not. To be honest I can’t think of a great solution to that.

If someone has multiple suggestions then I would, in most cases, encourage them to create separate threads. Even if we didn’t have the voting functionality in place, it means the discussion(s) being easier to track - both for us, and those taking part.

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I suppose the only sensible solution to voting on a topic where you only halfway agree, is to also post, and explain the reasoning for voting on it.

And yeah, i called you a forum moderator! I din’t realize you were such an important person!
I do apologise Sir Sarno. :wink:

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