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Volcanic to Frozen orb

What went wrong?
Why if I decided to turn my volcanic orb into a frozen orb, the damage does convert to cold, but the shrapnel damage doesnt convert to cold, while the skill states it does convert the base fire damage to cold and all its skill effects, then the shrapnel should be converted, is this the way it should be? I was watching the last Dev stream and I decided to give fire ball frozen orb a try, and the damage on the shrapnel is pretty good, but i realized the cold damage wasn’t doing what its supposed to do and I pressed Alt and I checked shrapnel its Scaling tags are Fire/Spell, like i think this is a bug, because you should be able to get full cold convertion, i found out the shrapnel damage being fire does benefit the fire ball with frozen orb build only focused in fire damage, because the main damage from the frozen orb the shrapnel isnt cold, i’d like to understand if the shrapnel is a cold damage attack that only scales from fire and spell damage, or if its a fire damage attack just as a regular volcanic orb


The shrapnel is being converted to cold. Ability tooltips for sub-abilities (like shrapnel) are not updated to reflect the changes of the main ability. Once Volcanic Orb has been converted to cold, it no longer deals fire damage via the main orb or shrapnel. It does not count as a fire skill. It is only a cold skill.

why does it scale with fire and not cold then? if i chose the frozen orb node for thre shrapnel

I’m pretty sure that it is scaling with cold damage when converted to cold. Can you double check using the dummy damage to see if it is scaling with fire or cold damage?

Shrapnel’s tooltip will always say that it scales with fire damage no matter what. Shrapnel’s tooltip is wrong when you have Volcanic Orb converted to cold damage.

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