Volcanic Orb - Volcanic Frenzy Cooldown Recovery Speed

In Volcanic Orb’s skill tree, the node Volcanic Frenzy is not giving the correct amount of Cooldown Recovery Speed.

Volcanic Frenzy: +75% CD Recovery Speed (for Volcanic Orb) per point (4 points possible)

Volcanic Orb: base 4s CD
with 1 pt in Volcanic Frenzy (+75% CDRS) --> 1.7s CD
with 2 pt in Volcanic Frenzy (+150%) CDRS --> 1.2s CD

(I don’t have the ability right now to test 3 pts and 4 pts.)

Based on the formula: new cooldown = old cooldown / (1 + cooldown recovery speed)

1 pt in Volcanic Frenzy is giving +135% CDRS
2 pt in Volcanic Frenzy is giving +233% CDRS

(Actual amounts probably differ slightly due to rounding.)

As sad as I am to admit it, it appears as though Volcanic Frenzy is granting too much CDRS. (Or is it a tooltip error…? He asks knowing that it’s highly unlikely the devs intended this node to give >= 100% CDRS per point.)

Volcanic Orb actually has a base cooldown of 3 seconds, so it’s correctly adding 75% per point. 3 / (1 + 0.75) = 1.7.

Thanks for the detailed report!

Er, I think that might mean there’s a tooltip error then. I think Volcanic Orb says it has a 4s cooldown. (I think?)

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