Volatile zombies

My zombies are only casting 1 at a time when I select the skill but still get the 5 sec cooldown.

I have the mana to cast 2 at a time so not to sure if something else is preventing multiple zombies from coming out

Could you share your build via the build planner?

I’ve changed the build for monos. But I’m running skeletons and mages standard ice range. with shade and golems. I’m using the taunt for shade and putting it on the golem to immobilise and boost minions outside.
Voailte I’m running 2 for expl range 2 health, ward conv.
2 in grave 1 in giant 1 in daunt 1 in dread horde 2 in ravenous 2 in pull of grave 5 forceful comm 2 fevour. I have like 110 mana and I think it cost 46 or 48 to cast.

the 5 sec cooldown comes up when u highlight the zombie skill with 46 or 48 mana.
I cast it one appears and the 5 sec cooldown works . I’ll try and fiddle around a bit more and swap gear give my self more mana and see what happens if that doesn’t work ill post the build up

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