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Volatile Zombie interaction with Dread shade & Julra's obession

Hey there,

I am building a necromancer around Volatile Zombie and I ve got 2 questions on added spell damage mechanics :

  • Does added flat spell damage mentionned in Julra’s obession and in dread shade aura apply to the explosion of the zombies (considering the aura is applied by another living minions next to the zombie when it detonates, not by the zombie itself) ?
  • What does really mean “Attributes on minions have no effect” ? Does it mean my minions won’t benefit from ward retention given by intelligence (4% / intell) ? Or does it mean the spell summon volatile zombie wont scale anymore with intelligence (no more 4% damage / intelligence) ?

Welcome to the LE community Durbanan

Yes the explosion of the Volatile Zombie is a spell and both Dread Shade’s flat necrotic damage and Julra’s Obsessions adaptive spell damage will affect the explosion.

(considering the aura is applied by another living minions next to the zombie when it detonates, not by the zombie itself)

It does not matter if the Dread Share is on the minion exploding or on another minion.
Even the minion that explodes still benefits from Dread Shade.

Attributes from the player are already affecting minions.
In case of Volatile Zombies it gives 10HP and 4% inc dmg per point of intelligence.

If you have intelligence on the gloves they woudl still get this regular bonus from your player stats, but minions do not inherently benefit from attributes. (Only the attributes from the summoner affect them)

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Thank you very much for your reply,

So if I wear the Julra’s obession gloves, and if I have 20 intelligence, zombie explosion will still apply 80% increased damage and 200Hp for zombie? (My fear was the line “Attributes do not affect minions” could negate this part of the damage/HP scaling)

Yes y our zombies will still gain the affect of attributes, they just don’t double dip and get the inherent stats of attributes themselves

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The skill (Summon Zombie) is buffed by the attributes (added hp & % increased damage) which then summons better zombies. If minions were capable of gaining attributes themselves they would not get any benefit from them.

The same goes for stats such as % minion damage. Since you can have that stat (% increased minion damage) that affects your minions, if a minion were able to inherit that stat (% increased minion damage) then it would only apply to the minion’s minions.