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Volatile reversal

So coming back after awhile and didn’t see it mentioned anywhere. I plan on revisiting the volatile reversal build but idk if I can do it in HC mode or not?

Was the bug where it would randomly drain your mama/health due to channeled skills fixed? Did a search and seemed to only find older locked topics referencing it. Did I miss it on the patch notes or is it still super risky for 1 death characters? If so I’ll leave hardcore to my new druid and just play with VR in softcore for now.

Also didn’t want to put this in reports since it was already known like a year ago, so definitely not new info if it’s still lingering around. Only asking to see if I’ll risk my HC char that barely survived leveling the build, or if I’ll level a new one on soft.

Volatile Reversal has been fixed, though I’m not 100% sure this specific bug disappeared. It should have.
Nevertheless, Volatile Reversal is a tough skill in Hardcore. You need to be very conscious of where you were at the time when it will bring you back. If you make a mistake, you could be sent directly in a mob pack or in Lagon’s beam, for example.

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Yeah I got used to that part. But that one time I warped back next to a boss to attack, but had 200hp and negative mana was not planned for lol. I love the gameplay style when it works, very interesting playstyle imo.

Anyway I’ll test it out for a bit and see. I can just run to a lower level area and spam it and see if any inconsistency pops up.

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