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Volatile reversal stuck

Playing as a sentinel/void knight and used volatile reversal + lunge like usual; however, my reversal put me onto stairs and when I lunged my character went half way into the stairs and was stuck. I could only use my rive as the other abilities wouldn’t even go off. When I tried to teleport out I couldn’t go into it even though it would light up like when you would normally go into it. Had to leave game to get out.

It would be great when this happen if you could post a screenshot where you got stuck so we know where the issue is. Problems like these are more likely to be related to the map than the ability you are using.

Not exactly same issue, but I had volatile reversal putting me on where i draw in red. This happened after running up the stairs and using it shortly after. I had 4 sec travel passive on it. Was stuck there, but short cooldown on volatile let med travel out again. Im not able to reproduce the result now, so cant explain exactly how it happened.