Volatile Reversal could use some extra upgrade nodes

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I’ve sunk about 50 hours into Last Epoch in the past two weeks, and it’s been pretty fun! I’ve had a blast trying out Warpath builds for Paladin and Void Knight. While I’m very happy with a lot of the available skills and builds, I feel like Volatile Reversal could use a few extra options after seeing what the other Masteries get. Since I do that game design thing, I figured I’d share some fleshed-out wishful thinking:

Echoes of Reversal
Volatile Reversal causes your melee attacks, throwing attacks, and void spells to have a chance to echo for 4 seconds, but no longer sends you back in time.

Reversal Time increases are converted into Duration increases and doubled.

Swaps Volatile Reversal’s Movement tag for a Buff tag.

Echo Chance: +30%
No Longer Restores Health, Mana, or Repositions

Specialization Nodes affected:

  • Incipient Void Rift casts Void Rift when Echoes of Reversal is applied or refreshed.
  • Terminal Void Rift casts Void Rift when Echoes of Reversal ends.
  • Warped Time lasts for Echoes of Reversal's duration.
  • Catching Up lasts for Echoes of Reversal's duration.

While I’m certain it was a deliberate decision to give explicit Buff skills to the Forge Guard and Paladin but not the Void Knight, I also think it’s fair to let Void Knights have one if it comes at the cost of sacrificing their defensive tool to get it. Plus, there currently isn’t a skill or temporary effect that increases echo chance, and I think that converting Volatile Reversal would be perfect for that.

Memories of Tomorrow
Volatile Reversal gains a chance to be cast when you kill an enemy and when you hit a boss or a rare enemy, but no longer returns you to a previous location.

This consumes Volatile Reversal’s cooldown.

Removes Volatile Reversal’s Movement tag.

Chance to Cast on Kill or Boss Hit: 10%
No Longer Repositions

Quite frankly, I’m a lazy casual who loves his One Button Builds, so I like being able to cast things passively.

It’s important to mention that I imagined both of these as single-node branches off of the main ability since they don’t follow the logic of any of the existing upgrade paths and because I feel like the trade-offs are a sufficient investment.

Anyway, those are my suggestions for Volatile Reversal. I hope y’all like 'em, and a big thank-you to the devs for making a solid ARPG!

Volatile Reversal could use a little update. It could use something other than adding more damage.

However, I don’t think we are going to get any node that can get rid of the teleport part of Volatile Reversal. It’s Volatile Reversal signature feature. But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

I do think we should have a node that embraces this feature. For example: a node that reveals where you were few seconds ago which encourages player to utilize the teleport feature instead of trying to avoid it.

Yeah VR without the movement is extremely omega overpowered if left in its current state.

ill just say this right now, VR is what allows sentinel to exist. The extra damage taken debuff stacks, from multiple rifts and if you can cast it fast enough with itself, so you easily double your damage with VR.

The balance to this is that VR is a bitch to play around with risks associated with it. Trying to VR in the julra fight sucks eggs.

Id take that “does not reposition” node basically every time. just so I can spam it to my hearts content.

VR/Sentinel needs an entire rework imo. So that VR isnt a bandaid for every single build to work.

Fair. Like I said, it’s wishful thinking. I just want more Echo sources.

Honestly, I feel like a location indicator should be a default feature.

I don’t know if I agree with that. The debuffs are definitely handy, but I constantly use VR to dodge AOEs and skillshots. Immediately teleporting when I heard the sound cue for meteor attacks is pretty much the only reason I survived grinding Orobyss.

VR is my favourite skill in the game. It is incredibly powerful. Once you get used to its reverse teleporting, you can really exploit it and literally troll the enemies. It is fabulous in Arena type situations, bouncing between two spots as the enemies approach.

I would say this though: I advise that you do not take the node that adds 1 or 2 seconds to the amount of time you rewind, it just makes it all the harder to control.

Yup, this has been requested many times.

Yeah, I recognized that immediately, and that’s part of the reason I have the wishlist items that I do - I’d like those nodes to be a bit more viable. VR is such a cool idea and I’d like to use more of its build options.

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