Volatile reversal branch

this isn’t in bug reports since I searched and it’s already a known issue, so I’m just proposing an adjustment to the tree until it gets worked out or maybe just permanently

So I planned a build before I found out volatile reversal was bugged out. However I still love the movement and the buffs, so I was wondering if there was potential for a part of the skill tree that lets you disable the health/mana resets without having to increase damage taken or decrease health regen. Those negative nodes were there to block off some insane cooldown. Assumably so you could specialize it for mana or health use and block the other side off in exchange for rapid cooldown. However constant uptime just isn’t worth crippling my regen and defense, and leaving either one active turns the skill into a ticking timebomb that could kill me at any time.

when I discovered this glitch I survived the ordeal by literally 40hp after having to swap skills in my actions bar mid combat, so in it’s current state I can’t find any reasonable way to use it in HC mode.

My thought was a node that disabled both health and mana which would, in the future, be a negative gate for another branch with damage/defense/void stuff/w.e. other insentives might make it worth the trade later on.

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