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Volatile Corruption +Vitality

Perhaps I’m missing something, or the tooltips are off, but After the change to Void Knight’s abilities roundly scaling with Vitality, shouldn’t the skill node for Volatile Corruption, aside from changing to void and losing healing, alter the ability to scale via Vitality like other Void skills?

Or is there something I’m missing, and the ability is powerful enough with the right level/equipment?

All in all, it just feels out of place to have a void ability that is still intrinsically tied to atunement when everything else was changed

Temporal Corruption is the node that converts Smite to void and turns off its heal then the Renouncement passive converts it to scale with Vitality.

Ah, Thank you,
I certainly didn’t look close enough. Had become worried I’d been building with the wrong mechanics in mind and didn’t want to keep going and end up hitting a wall later :sweat_smile: