Void resistance not added from Mage body armour

Void resistance from the implicit modifier doesn’t seem to have effect.

That implicit is “Increased Void Resistance” - This means it will increase your current Void Resistance, of which I assume you have none. This isn’t a bug I’m afraid.

OK, to check it I equipped a belt with 19% void resistance. With 24% increased void resistance from the body armor it should have become around 23%, but it didn’t :slight_smile:
The numbers didn’t change at all.

Noticed it just then, I had three different body armour with that implicit, and none work.
I suspect its not meant to be ‘increased’, just flat like everything else :/, and isn’t working because of that.

To be clear, happens regardless of whether you have other void resist gear or not.

Now im having the same issue. There seems to be a lot of bugs still I hope they get them fixed! This one specifically is really annoying cause I would be good on resistences if the body armor actually functioned as it says it should. Youre not crazy dont listen to that other guy,.

happened to me and i figured maybe it’s just local.
it would boost a void resistance mod on the piece itself. at least that’s what i told myself.

if that’s the case it should literally say (local) next to it. make it clear.

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