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Void Question

I have a question about the stat values. When i play Void Warpath i can increase my damage by flat phys also flat void and increase phys or void damage.
Example : my plannerbuild has atm 91 flat phys and 283% increase phys, also 36 flat void and 713 increase void. Atm i have a free weapon Affix, should i go now for phys or void flat on it?
Will it calculated the damage difference or calculated all together cause the spell (Warpath) benefits from both stats?

With the numbers you just mentioned, Flat Melee void Damage would be way better.

This will give you more than twice the amount of extra dmg, compared to flat melee physical damage.

Obviously there are other factors, that play into it like Armour Shred or resistance shreds, but I assume you don’t have That much of those, to make physical damage more worthwhile.

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ok ty.
ps: i thought when a skill profit from 2 or more stats, it doenst mater which of them you choose.
10 flat phy + 10 flat void = 20flat damage, also with increase phys and void. 100% phys and 100% void are 200% increase damage, but looks not so

That’s only for the skill’s base damage & for spells with any adaptive spell damage you have. Most melee skills don’t have much in the way of damage conversions in them so any flat added damage you have will keep it’s element.

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