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Void Prophet's Void Arrow too strong?

Does anyone else agree that the Void Arrow ability Prophets use are a bit too strong?

I’m currently a level 58 Knight with 721 (53%) void protection and the arrow seems to chunk far greater than any other enemy’s void abilities. When 2+ groups of Prophets spawn I start sweating and the fact that the arrow seems to follow you until you’re hit is a bit crazy as well.

Yeah, they’re one of the harder-hitting abilities, the only things that hit harder (on me at least) seem to be Erasing Blow from the big Void enemies (don’t remember name) and some of the slams from Effigys in Arena.

I think it’s very important to have some layered defenses against these abilities beyond just Life and void prot, get some block/dodge and some Ward gain or life leech and you’ll find it a lot easier. With some extra defenses you can more or less ignore their hits.

The good news is they shouldn’t use that ability in melee (if they do, that’s a bug).

While the projectile has some homing capability - the power of the Void! - it isn’t perfect. When trying to dodge the ability, move closer towards the Prophet if you can.

It’s hard to tell if they are using void arrow up close. I’ll have to check some recordings.

I took your suggestion of getting in their face which does help but when there is another group and you don’t kill the first fast enough you still get chucked hard if not dead.

You really do have have manage your health and your positioning with these guys unlike any other mob type in the game.

Either the void arrow does too much damage or all other mob types do too little.

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