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Void Paladin shield throw build 0.8.1

I want to share with you my void shield throw paladin and how I got to it.

When I was looking for good shield throw builds I found boardman21s and LizardIRLs fire shield throw builds which I liked and were both 500+ echo viable.

I liked especially the philosophy behind Lizard’s shield throw fire build (links will follow below) where every skill contributes to increasing the damage of our main damage dealer - shield throw, so it’s to a large extent based on his ideas.

I also liked the idea of autocasting smite on shield throw hit from Boardmans build, so I wanted to tweak it in.


So the defense of this build evolves around block chance, resistances, armor, endurance and health, more or less in that order.

And the main driving factors for our offense are added fire damage, attack speed, fire damage, crit chance and multiplier and yes block chance.

Now we will take a look how each of the skills will contribute to our shield throw damage:

  • shield throw contains the node spiked chance which increases the damage depending on your block chance. Also we spec added fire damage, +75% fire damage and attack speed.
  • sigils of hope contributes with added fire damage per active sigil
  • holy aura adds throwing attach damage, throwing attack speed and attack speed.
  • volatile reversal can stacks up to 90% attack speed and 36% movement speed. It also allows for smart plays.
  • Smite is cast via the idol and grants 50% attack speed for four seconds after casting smite. Also it doesn’t need a key bind and a stance or movement skill can be used instead. I use shield rush for fast clearing.

Now, there are also some other viable options such as lunge which grants higher crits for 4 seconds through the initiative node or ring of shields for better survivability.


Since I was receiving constantly the idol that converts 100% of my shield throw damage into void damage I started to wonder how to make it viable. Luckily I didn’t have to look far, because with a few tweaks I could convert my damage into void without having to use any other skill:

  • shield throw damage is converted to void through the idol. I had to Respec out of the fire nodes though and went for crit instead.
  • sigils of hope contains a node “sigils of despair” that turns it into void.
  • there is a void knight passive that turns smite into void.
  • Volatile reversal is a void skill anyway
  • holy aura’s contribution is damage type independent
  • For passives we want to spec out of fire damage from the paladin and spec into increased added void damage, added throwing void damage and increased damage in the void knight tree.

I didn’t have the time to level up a void knight yet, so I didn’t have the option to make use of echoes and I’m not sure how it will affect shield throw. However, anomaly seems to be a very good option to switch in using the time bubble nodes.

Here are the links to the detailed builds:
Lizard IRL:


My combined fire shield throw build: Paladin, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.1e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Void shield throw build

Let me know what you think.