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Void Knights are severely handicapped on Lagon

On my VK, I’m using Anomaly and Devouring Orb. While fighting Lagon, it is impossible to use either of these abilities while you’re in his hit box attacking him. They just don’t go off. I’m currently fighting him again in my Monolith progression, and I have to stop attacking him and run away in order to use either of those abilities.

This is a known issue with Lagon but I’ve not had issues with Anomaly or DO before on him.

I’m glad it’s a known issue. But yeah during the campaign and during Monolith progression I couldn’t use Anomaly or Devouring Orb at all while attacking him so either you’re lucky or I’m unlucky or both lol

If you keep your mouse over the ledge you’ll be fine, Lagon has a massive hitbox so you don’t need to actually target him to hit him.

We have this noted internally. This issue is a complicated one and will take some time to address unfortunately.

Thank you for the report.