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Void knight world eater passive leech

Hello, sorry if this has been asked but I don’t understand how leech works.
For example the void knight passive world eater leeches 6% mellee damage and 6% void damage. If i make a mellee void hit for 100 damage will it leech back 6 hp or 12hp?
Plus rive has a passive that leeches 10% on its third hit. So if the before mentioned hit for 100 damage was rive’s third hit what will the leeched damage be? 16 or 22hp?

I think you are really good already in understanding leech.

What confused you is probably the double dipping of this particular passive.

If you have a melee skill that deals void damage, that will get 12% leech.
But be careful, a lot of the melee skill do not exclusively deal void damage, because most melee skills do not convert flat damage.
Most melee weapons have a portion of physical or other damage types on them.

But your basic understanding was already really good.

Also leech is gained over 3 seconds by default, so if you leech 12 health you have 4 hp/sec.

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Thank you for the answer.
So for example if my weapon does half physical and half void damage and i do a melee hit it will leech 6% (melee part) + half of 6% (void part) = 9% ?

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Yes, the two lines in World Eater are applied separately to any damage that they can be applied to. Any void damage you do (regardless of the source, as long as it’s not from a minion) will have the % void leech applied to it & any melee damage you do will have the other line applied to it (regardless of the damage element). Melee void damage gets the benefit of both lines. But it’s not double dipping.

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