Void knight void converted smite not leeching

Alright, so i got plenty of tests done and i’ve concluded that leeching is NOT WORKING at least for void knight. i maxed out that world eater node, and even got 1.5% of spell dmg leeched as health blessing. and after getting my hp down to half, critting 10k with smite makes NO DIFFERENCE in my hp regen, nor visually. I have NO uniques on that says ‘no leech’ so what gives? is it a known bug? am I missing something?

how do I tell if I’m leeching? I’m pretty sure I’m not because I don’t even notice a TINY difference. HELP! If leech aint freaking working, I don’t want to waste my time on leech nodes.

Do you have Boulderfist gloves or Xithara’s Conundrum amulet equipped? As they disable leech. Void Smite certainly does leech if you are capable of leeching.

nope, the only unique i have is a thorn slinger belt.

is leech really THAT bad? it’s not even one tiny bit noticeable.

It depends how much damage you’re doing. It’s x% over 3 seconds, so if you have 6.5% from World Eater & the blessing & are doing 1,000 damage you’ll be leeching for 65 hp over 3 seconds = 21.7 hp/sec. If you have 2k hp that’s ~1% of your max hp per sec which probably isn’t noticeable.

You can upload your build here if you want me to have a quick look & do some maths.

But TLDR, yes, leech works.

if it is leeching, it’s making literally no difference.

How much damage do you do on an average hit? That’s odd though.