Void Knight Rive, New Player and Budget Friendly Boss Killer | Last Epoch Build Guide

YouTube Build Guide : Void Knight Rive, New Player and Budget Friendly Boss Killer | Last Epoch Build Guide - YouTube

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Written Guide/Script

Hello, this is Dr3ad from Last Epoch Builds, in this video topic, we are showcasing Void Knight
Rive, a very strong beginner build and amazing bosser. We are utilizing the combo of Auto Crit
Third Strike Rive, with the 100% more void damage, to deal a large amount of damage on a budget.

We are also using Abyssal Echoes’s large amount of void penetration with melee attacks to
bypass boss resistance, allowing us to take down the tankiest of foes in the Monolith of

This build is the literal definition of cheap, as automatically critting on the third strike
means we do not need to build any base crit or crit chance, saving affixes and gear room for
other things like survivability. Also since we deal so much damage we can go with a 1h and
Shield, making us way tankier than if we were forced to run a 2h.

With the infinite mana from the nodes within the base sentinel tree, we can also spam sigils,
which is another large amount of damage on top of everything else. We also can spam the suck
version of rive and abyssal echoes, allowing us to CC enemies, bringing them closer to us so
our third strike always hits everything.

The only issue this build has, is it is not as tanky as other sentinel builds, but we more than
make that up by being one of the highest dps sentinel builds in the game.

This build is also very strong in a budget solo enviroment, perfect for newer players, as getting
to the third strike auto crit makes leveling an absolute breeze.

Skills :


So for Rive, the main build around node is Focused Strike, which allows us to always crit on
the third strike, allowing us to completely ignore balancing crit with damage and go full
The other build around node we are focusing on is Gaze Into The Abyss, allowing us to focus
on our void damage, as we barely scale any melee phys in this build so this pretty much gives
us 100% more damage. It also synergizes well with the 42% void pen from Abyssal Echoes.
A small mention, Challenge allows us to group packs together so we can hit them all with rive’s
third strike, and also interrupts some
telegraphed attacks. Warning, this can get you killed if your not paying attention.

Abyssal Echoes

Abyssal Echoes has 2 functions, 1 the node Abyssal Infusion, which gives us an insane amount
of void penetration, which is mainly how we kill bosses so quickly and effiecently, as bosses
have natural resistances. This node + Gaze Into The Abyss both benefit us to primarily to focus
on Void Damage and only Void Damage, which normally would not be possible.

2nd function of Abyssal Echoes is the pull mechanic provided by Pull of The Void, which
much like Challenge, also allows us to group packs together so we can hit them all with
rive’s third strike, and also interrupts some telegraphed attacks. Warning, this can get
you killed if your not paying attention.

The last thing that Echoes provides us is with capped Void Resistance with Abyssal Remains, nice
little gearing saver.

Sigis of Hope

Sigils of Hope with the node, Sigils of Despair, gives us an insane amount of flat and % void
damage, which synergizes amazingly with all of our other previously mentioned nodes. This also
allows us to focus on running a 1h, instead of being gimped by running a 2H.

Exigency and Word of Power used together allows us to have an instant cast button, to deal an
insane amount of damage, and makes it so we do not have to stop moving or attacking to recast
sigils, helping QoL immensly.

One more node, Faith, allows us to tank a little more damage than normal, since we can spam cast
sigils, consuming sigils isnt too much of a downside for this build.


Anomaly is an insane buff, giving us attack speed from Manipulation, Cooldown Recovery Speed from
Swift Rest, which helps our Abyssal Echoes cast more, which will give us higher uptime on our
42% void penetration buff, and also reduces the cooldown of smite’s teleport. Void Maw also
doubles our health leech, giving us ridiculous amounts of recovery!


Smite isn’t too monumental, just giving us attack speed from Righteous Flurry, Teleport from

Passive Tree :

Temporal Corruption and Void Blades gives us a lot of void flat to scale our damage with,
World Eater gives us a way to recover HP, Void Corruption gives us insane critical strike

We also have the normal echo package of Echoing Strikes, Time Legion and Avatar of Regret.

We also run a very small Block chance package, From Steel Aegis, Honour and Protector, and
since we only need to run 1 node in each to get all the block chance, it drops the investment
cost to very low to get a decent block chance for 3 points, very cost effective!

Gearing :

For Gearing we focus on building as much HP as possible, while also building as much damage
for our void attacks. We achieve this by running stuff like a Kris, with insane crit multi for
a 1h, and since we dont care about crit chance or base phys, we can run this instead of something
Since we are running a 1h, we can also run a shield for a lot of defense for very small investment.
For Special Class affixes, we can run damage with echoes, or + to skill mods to give us more
damage but these are not needed, and better to focus on other stats.

Idols, we have a smorgous board to choose from. A lot of different idols work for this build,
damage on echo, rive aoe and rive crit multi along with melee void % all work for this build.
This build is so budget because it doesnt require specific idols, but can benefit from many at
once. Very very cheap.

Blessings :

For Blessings we run Void Shred from Rayeh for even more penetration and damage,
Critical Strike Avoidance from Reign of Dragons, Block Effect from Age of Winter,
and for last we grab endurance % from Spirits of Fire.

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Just want to say thanks for this guide. Started with a dual wielding VK crit build and got tired of dying randomly, swapped to this and was much tankier from the block while still doing more than enough damage. Cleared the empowered monos quite well and bossing especially feels good (only need to move for the big telegraphed attacks).

I like the creative use of the Kris, but unfortunately it’s hard to craft as such a low-level weapon doesn’t drop often or appear in vendor. Ended up gambling for a perfect implicit one on a low lvl alt and fortunately managed to get the 2 T5 prefixes. [Edit: 0.82 has the new implicit for the Katana for up to 75% crit multi so problem solved.]

Also, because your skills don’t need mana, you can actually put even Sigil on auto-cast which makes it really convenient to play (even one-handed while snacking).

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