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Void Knight hopes?

Personally based on the description the void knight seems like it’s going to end up being a DoT class, which tends to be my personal preference for things. What does anyone else think on that?

Hopefully! DoT classes are one of my favourites as well.

Void Knights have a very interesting design space. Remember that all the base class Knight abilities will still be available to it. You’ll be able to build an offensive dot based Void Knight if you want to. You’ll be able to build a lot of other ways too.

Little preview of a couple skills we have been planning (please note that these are concepts for possible skills that they VK might get at some point possibly):

  1. Erasing Strike
    • A melee attack that culls and erases enemies it kills, replacing their corpses with powerful void novas.
  2. Anomaly
    • Sends enemies at a target location forward in time by 5 seconds.

It looks sick :slight_smile:

Having tried different variations of Void Knight, I’m currently working on a “caster” version of sorts akin to Black Hole sorcerer. Will update further.


We are in the process of removing the boards for the mastery classes.

I’ve cleansed this Knight thread of Void corruption as a courtesy.