Void Knight Erasing Strike crits and Abyssal Echos Procs

The Obliterator node in Void Cleve either doesn’t proc the 100% crit chance for Erasing Strike or Erasing Strikes crits are just messing up. It doesn’t work 30-40% of the time. Also, Resonating Cleave doesnt Proc the Abyssal Echoes skill every time Void Cleave is cast. I have positive mana left over when Void Cleave is cast. I suspected it was because Abyssal Echoes was on cooldown, but even with the node Time Compression and positive mana, Abyssal Echoes still isnt procing. In order to get the full damage out of my build, I need the slow procs Void Cleave and Abyssal Echoes place on the enemies + 100% Crit chance with Erasing Strike. With stuff not working how it is supposed to, my DPS goes way down. When it works, I wreak house but if everything doesnt work together right, feels like im just poking the enemies.

LVL 93 VK on 140 Corruption ATM.

If I am misinterpreting anything please let me know, or if this is not a known issue, I hope this helps some.

Thank you

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I have not played with the Obliterator Node since 0.9, but it only works if you hit at least 1 target with Void Cleave.
Might this be an issues? If you use Void Cleave only as a gap closer without hitting a target?

Regarding the Resonating Cleave I don’t know, never used that particular node. Can you reproduce this behaviour at a dummy or is it only present in real combat? Do you paly onlien or offline?

But this sounds like a #bug-reports and the devs would probably need mroe details.
Player logs and probably a more detailed setup of your skill trees and character.

Negative, I use it as an opener for my Erasing Strikes in order to guarantee that Crit. I use lunge as my traversal skill.