Void Knight Echoing Warpath Speedrushing Build for Early to Mid Game

You could also call this early 0.9 game build SPIN2WIN
It’s pretty Simple: Your goal here is push three skills into spec:

  1. Rive – this is your basic I’m out of mana and I need to build it skill
  2. Shield Rush – Build this skill’s southern nodes so you can use it without a shield and do as much damage as possible with it
  3. Warpath – Build this skill’s east and west nodes to a) Echo with Warpath once you hit Chapter 4 and chose Void Knight and b) gain mana back down the eastern tree so you can spin 2 win 4ever.

The way to play this build is simple: When you have mana, use Shield Rush to move as far as you can, as fast as you can with each rush, bringing as many mobs as you can to you. Then Spin 2 Win moving in circles to create Warpath Echoes.

Build works great on bosses and mobbing alike, and is a great way to approach endgame. Note: Some stationary bosses like the Cavern Worm in Chapter 3 and Lagon can be far enough back that hitting them with melee is difficult. Hammer Throw or Javelin works to bring these bosses down.

I’m using this build to get to LV90+ as fast as possible so I can farm the Ice Deer boss (can’t remember the name) for Reign of Winter so I can build an online version of my disgusting offline BowMage. Thanks to LizardIRL for the BowMage and Boardman21 for the initial Echoing Warpath base builds.

See you in Eterra!