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Void Knight Builds Request

Hello Everyone,
I was wondering if any of you would be kind enough to share your Void Knight builds, or Sentinel builds in general like forge guard.


With the content available, you can make a pretty much immortal Sentinel/Forge Guard build just by selecting the block % chance passives along with the life gained on block. A really high block protection and block chance shield would be recommended or what I think works best is getting lucky and acquiring the Monolith shield. Only thing that kills me at the moment now, since the Venom Weavers got appropriately nerfed, are those Wraith Binder rares that just sometimes insta-kill me with 50% all protections at 500 life.

I focus my gear to prioritize Strength, health regen, glancing blow. and increased physical damage. You can corral basically a whole zone’s pool of enemies and let them whack away at you with impunity, with the one exception of the Wraith Binder rare variants that just squish you randomly.

Skills that work best with this build would be Shield Charge, Vengeance, Lunge, Rebuke, and Juggernaut Stance. The negative move speed and attack speed due to using Juggernaut Stance is basically negated from use of shield charge and Lunge. With Vengeance I specialize into the taking reduced damage nodes (or use Rebuke if completely surrounded), as a filler skill between the cooldown to using Lunge or Shield Charge again or if I happen to run out of mana. You can always just toggle Juggernaut Stance when its unneeded.

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