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Void Knight - Abysall Echoes - Abysall Form dosent give hp/mp reg and movespeed

Iv’e noticed that the Void Knights Abillity “Abyssal Echoes” has a Specialization called “Abysall Form” that should give you Health and Mana regeneration. Also there is a Subspecialization for Abysall Form called “Void Alacrity” which should give you Movementspeed while in Abysall Form. Both Skills wont give me any benefits…or at least i havent noticed it and they wont show any changes on the Charakter Panel. (other Abilitys show changes)

The Subspecialization “Shadow Blur” on the other side works as intended.


Feel free to hit me up if you need any further informations.

This is working for me, and I don’t believe this has changed since the last patch but I’m not sure.

If it’s still not working can you post your game log?

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