Void Horror Prophecy - Does not trigger

I have killed probably 100 Void Horrors and cannot get this prophecy to activate. It says “EVENT: 6x Deaths of Void Horror – CONDITION: Monolith – REWARD: Unique Body Armor (x2)”
What am I doing wrong? How do I get this to activate? I have like 3 Prophecy for Void Horror and none of them are triggering. Yes, I am doing Monoliths.

Exact same issue.

Exact same issue.

Me too


It seems like the prophecy doesn’t trigger on Void Horrors spawned by Gates/Beacons, but it works perfectly fine for those spawned naturally on a Monolith map - I don’t know if i explained it properly, but I had the same issue like you guys and it seems like that’s how it works.

That makes sense Kasjer. It would help if the prophecy text would include better guidance/clarification.

I killed a couple of naturally spawned void horrors in a mono tonight (not spawned from a beacon or gate), and it did not count towards my prophecy.


Had the same issue … the prophecy triggerd immedeately, as i killed the horrors in 200+ corruption. probably 120 or 150 should be doin it too.

Same issue.

Having the same issue. I was able to complete these with beacon void horrors no I have about 5 of these prophecies that will not complete?

+1 same here. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Beacon void horror do not count, patrolling void horror do not count, naturally occurring void horror in stolen spear or fallen empire void horror did not count. Confirmed bugged. I have 6 of these prophecies. =/

this really slowed my progression in my faction. Should I hold on to them in hopes they get fixed?

Hello everyone, I just found out where we can kill these void horrors in Monolith without having to gamble if there will be any spawn in the underground palace. “The devoured armoury” (Black Sun) seems to be guaranteed to spawn tons of void horrors every time I enter this Echo.

Edit: sheltered Abyss Echo has void horrors spawn as well but as rare spawn.

Can confirm The Devoured Armoury in the Black Sun timeline FINALLY worked for getting the prophecy for me

Devoured Sanctum in the Black Sun worked in my case. It was one of the first locations I did on a second clear (4 corruption), not sure if this reset matters.

Edit: Devoured Sanctum doesn’t always have Void Horrors, Devoured Armoury worked like a charm.

Devoured Sanctum I found 1 , once, I think the names can vary. I think it has to be an underground type and you can reset for void–ish mobs.

BUT, (Abyssal) Arenas works better!
Making good progress on Arenas, near the middle usually when bigger mobs, you may need to portal and reset for voidy mobs. Don’t complete, portal out and re-do.

Not only this prophecy,

the 6 Immortal Eyes prophecy doesn’t trigger either. I’ve gone through about 30 echos today looking for them, and killed about 40 of them, not once did I get a “prophecy progressed”, let alone fulfilled.
It’s just broken. Nothing counts. Not normal eyes, not magic eyes, not rare eyes, not even patrolling echo boss eyes.

The only 2 prophecies I have are these (2 charges, 6 kills of Void Horror / 6 Kills of Immortal Eye in Monolith). Each cost 14k+ favor, and neither of them works. FML