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Void Hammer Throw , Easy build !No Advanced!


Here is a build in Alpha 0.5.3
I’m a Chinese player , my English is poor
if there are some Syntax error
Please forgive me.

  1. Skill
    Main Skill

The Hammer Throw Worked by the skill’s passive ‘DISINTEGRATING AURA’
It can make the hammer throw become an aoe which u can repeated superposition

When the Hammer throw level get to 12 it will become a bug skill , amazing damage

Level 12

The VATAR OF THE SPIRE wont work so i dint chose it

Level 20

Substract mana is very important !!!

Other Skill
Volatile reversal
A good Skill to get more mana , Or let u get back in dager

In fact just need the kill cooldown and movement speed


Core defense skill it can offer us huge protection

A good skill offer us buffs and inflict enemies

Level 25

I dint Advance!
I dint Advance!
I dint Advance!

Level 50

Level 75

  1. Damage mechanism
    This build is juest benefit from these :
    Void Damage (increased)
    Meele Void Damage (add)
    Inc Damage (inc)
    Attack speed (Not very sure.)
    Throw attack speed
    and it wont benefit from :
    melee damage
    throw damage

because this build is use the void orb aoe damage
it’s just void damege
so ,the melee damage leech wont work
in the passives i choose the void leech ,it’S very useful

Defence and gear
In this game all protection is important so DEVOURING ORB is do really a good choose
take less damage both u and monster
when i farmed in 200+waves sometimes the rare monster would did some huge damage so ,40% is a good choice.
This item offer void damage , 10% void taken as phy.i like it

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