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Void Fire Aura Spell Blade, 1000%+ Increased Void Damage Insanity, Patch 8.3

YT Build Guide : Void Fire Aura Spell Blade, 1000%+ Increased Void Damage Insanity, Last Epoch Build Guide Patch 8.3 - YouTube

Timestamps :
00:00 Intro/Gameplay+Boss
04:35 How To Craft A Fractured Crown/How To Get The Uniques
09:27 Surge
11:18 Mana Strike
12:55 Flame Ward
13:33 Lightning Blast
14:59 Enchant Weapon
15:30 Passives
18:26 Gearing

Last Epoch Build Planner :
Spellblade, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner


Hello, this is Dr3ad from Epoch Builds. In today’s video we will go over Void Fire Aura Spellblade, one of the most complicated build’s I’ve ever created.

So the overall concept of this build is to utilize Dark Shroud of Cinders in combo with 2 Blades of the Forgotten. This does 2 things, the Blades force our spell’s damage into void, and Shroud gives us 50% increased void damage per fire aura. This puts us well over at least 1k% increased void damage when fully stacked, giving us increased damage per fire aura source we stack, giving us a lot of damage.

We then run a Fractured Crown, which will allow us to take 50% of our damage towards our mana, allowing us to be tanky enough to take on endgame. We gain our mana back thanks to Mana Strike, as we want something to crit as well, so we can proc our on crit fire aura idols.
A big buff overall to this build that makes it possible was the buff to Atrophy’s. In patch 8.3, Atrophy’s had a line of text added to it, 25% penetration for damage over time. This, on top of the void pen on our amulet is 34% pen overall, and with our void shred it turns into 74% void pen/shred combined, which was much less beforehand.

The main issue I have with this build, is since were forced to run double Blade Of The Forgotten Knight, we take the 15% increased damage taken while dual wielding, while also not being able to run a Bastion of Honor (one of the best pieces of spellblade support in the game now). A secondary issue is the lack of more damage sources, as the only one is inside flame ward, and only 15%. The fact we are able to run Empowered monolith bosses with decent damage surprises me heavily.

In the end I believe Lightning Aura has a much more balanced approach, as it can utilize bastion and we can’t, but this version definitevely has more damage.

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