Void drain from void leech

Hello, anyone knows how the void drain skill from the void leech works?

I have 42-50% armor dmg reduction, 150% void resist(so void res shred is ineffective), 71% crit avoid, 50% frailty, 40% blind and one of these leeches still seem to drain like 200-300 HP a second which is a lot considering how many of them are in the field.

Mono mod does not seem to be a factor.
Enemies have 38% increased health.
Rare enemied have high speed and crit chance until approached
High health enemies deal 38% increased damage
Enemies have 50% more health and damage.

I would like to know so I know the counterplay and can plan which mod to take before taking the fall of ledria empowered mono quest.

To note, I have been able to complete mono echoes with 100+% damage increase but I have died more in this story quests to the void drain.


Afaik overcapping is useless and you are always counted againt 75% resi. Forget every def stat but resi in this example because the enemys spell isn’t a hit iirc so it simply does the dmg against your resi.

I think your main problem might be the killspeed or AoE clear because normaly these leeches simply die when you look at them.

Yeah, I’d assume it’s a DoT, so your armour, crit avoidance, etc aren’t used to calculate damage taken. I’ve never seen them do that much damage though, even in empowered monoliths. I’d expect the 38% increased & 50% more damage modifiers would affect how much damage they do, plus they’re always rares so that would increase their damage.

Not against shred it’s not, hence his comment.

Sure but he’ll still be at 75% and if he is in high level areas he is at 0 resi anyway and the overcapped resi only helps to not fall under 0 resi.

Yes, hence his comment so that we didn’t suggest that maybe he’d got 20 stacks of void shred (-40%) & maybe Mark for Death (-25%) active on his character to explain why he’s loosing so much hp.

Yeah therefore my suggestion that his killspeed lacks. All the resi in the world is meaningless if these suckers don’t explode in an instant :). I get where you are coming from @Llama8 .

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Yea, I know. I switched to trident of the last abyss(+75% void res) and haven’t been able to find decent replacement to the rest of my equip (after 5 hours of playing). Any potential one fractured. so that res stays overcapped.

I think so too. Problem is warpath is not easy to get wide aoe and I have to kite the void horror attack so sometimes there are some leeches here and there remains. Then the leeches decided to get sucky-sucky(long range) and I am ded

Yea that’s why it is so confusing. After several RIP, I tried to keep one alive and wait til he drains and the drain is fast. Funnily, I never have the same problem with the void leech in the normal empowered echoes. Just have problem with the story quest one.

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