Void Despair is way too strong

I keep dying before I even reach Council Chambers! That’s too soon to die! Let me live!

In less panicked feedback, it kinda sucks to die when we have basically no tools to mitigate it yet - very few skill levels, a handful of passive points, whatever meager gear’s dropped at that point. And considering the difficulty of the zone before (i.e. completely free) and the zones after it (the same as they’ve always been) it is a heck of a shocking jump.

I mean, it’s still beta, it’s normal that there is some balancing issues still. I agree with you tho… I almost died to one of them with a sentinel on the first void area … Felt weird to be challenged at this level, indeed !

Yeah, they’re pretty strong, but not impossible. I have had two characters already go through them. One I had to be careful with and the other I handled without any concern of dying.
They may or may not change that to balance it out but they may make other changes to help the ramp up be more intuitive.

It does seem a trifle strong compared to everything else in the same zone.

I agree… but it wasn’t all that bad. I liked it personally.

Same I kinda liked it as well, wasn’t too difficult imo

I just got the game, started a mage build. I play PoE style still, move, attack, move, attack. I have rarely used my health potions outside of a boss. Movement is key.

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