Void cleave - hellish chasm - rift flame - eternal eclipse

I am playing with eternal eclipse and void cleave with hellish chasm and riftflame specialities. Thanks to riftflame, Void cleave will have both fire and void tag and the double bonus of eternal eclipse will proc (add of both fire and void damage).
I am not sure about the hellish chasm wording : could you confirm the added void damage of eternal eclipse will be converted to fire damage?

No, as the node states, only the skill’s base void damage is converted to fire damage, not added damage as well. However, Hellish Chasm removes the Void tag so Void Cleave would then not gain any flat fire damage from Eternal Eclipse.

Ok for the base dmg. It seems weird because the only base void damage is just 1 ^^ any applications to go from this 1 void + 1 fire base dmg to 2 base fire dmg?

Where do you see the void tag is removed ? I can only see in hellish chasm the void stats are replaced by fire stats but the specific void tag is not mentionned (tag is only mentionned in hellrift by adding a new tag)



The tags are generally based on the base damage a skill does. So if a node added base damage (not to be confused with adding added damage which is affected by the skill’s added damage effectiveness stat) then I’d expect it to add the relevant tag. Likewise, if a node converts or removes base damage then I’d expect it to change the tags.

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