Void cleave / crushing echo

In void cleave, does the crushing echo speciality benefits from the added effectiveness damage ? For example with 1 point invested (+15 void damage added), will them become 4*15 = 60 dmg ?

Yes all skill nodes within the skill tree are base line values, that don’t take damage effectiveness into account in their tooltips.

So the 15 damage would become 60 damage

Just to make sure, a node that says +X damage inside a skills tree will be affected by that skills damage effectiveness (e), basically providing +(X*e) damage, while nodes that apply ailments (like the bleed one in warpath) are not affected by the ailment penalty of that skill and provide the number stated in that node? Is that correct? I’m too lazy to check in game right now if the advanced tooltips give an answer to that question. :upside_down_face:

I never was a big ailment player, but I am pretty sure that all % chances within the skill tree nodes are not inherenting the reduced ailment frequncy of skills

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Yes & no. They do get affected but the devs do some jiggery pokery behind the scenes to make you end up with the value you expect from the skill node.

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That’s kind of what I was expecting… pretty confusing or more like inconsistent imo.
For example I was under the impression that +X damage nodes would give +X damage and not be effected by damage effectiveness.
So am I correct in assuming that every point in Obliteration in the Erasing Strike tree adds +54 flat damage if you’re using a two-handed weapon?

Yes that is correct

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