Void Cleave, Abyssal Echoes and.. Echoes

The resonating cleave node triggers an abyssal echoes cast after using void cleave, which costs mana.

I’m noticing that when my void cleave echoes, the echoed void cleave is also casting abyssal echoes - which is also costing mana. Is this intended for echoed void cleaves? The interaction is essentially making me not want to echo my void cleaves because it can create significant mana pool pressure.

That sounds unintended to me. AFAIK echoes are meant to be totally costless. It’d probably be good to make a post in the Bug Reports section.

Thanks - I’ll do that.

The Void Cleave echo should be free but any skill tree nodes that impart a cost will still apply for the echo. Smite and the node that gives a health cost comes to mind, on echoes (and Smite idol procs I believe) you still pay the health cost, so the echo of Void Cleave triggering Abyssal Echoes and charging you the mana cost feels right to me.

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