Void adept skill point for devouring orb needs way too much vitality

Hello everyone!

Am I the only one that finds that the 90 vitality threshold for double effect of the VOID ADEPT passive in the devouring orb skill tree absurd? With perfect T7 rolls on the helm body armour and boots with all points giving vitality in the passive tree, I can only achieve 86 vitality?? The literal only way to get 90 would be to use a pair of unique gloves that would nullify all my defense by blocking leech… I believe that the 90 vitality threshold wasn’t verified before the patch because it’s actually not fesable. Personnaly, I’d propose a 70 vitality Threshold but I leave it up to the team.

Anyway, having fun so far!

GL all

i agree, lower it to 80.

Even at 80 it would take such good rolls on every pieces it’s a bit intense