VK's Patient Doom + Mage's Preparation Passive Nodes [Every 3 Seconds Nodes]

  • Buff VK’s “Patient Doom” and Mage’s “Preparation” Passive Node to scale better into late game (give them multiplicative damage)
  • Give all of those “every 3 second nodes” buff indicators

So after playing some Forge Guard with it’s “Fresh From The Forge” Node and the new Spellblade “Blade Weaver” Node, i did feel bad for the VK’s and Mage Node.
They have a nice flavour, but become neglicable very quick, since they damage boost is “just increased”, which does not scale very well into late game.

While the new Spellblade node is a bit different in it’s application, the impact it has feels soooo great. Also the Forge Guard Node is really impactfull on Smelters Wrath or Forged Strike for example.

I really would like to change the VK and the mage node to do “more” dmg, so it’s multiplicative.

Also all of those Nodes should get an Buff Indicator indicating that they are ready.

Giving Mage the ability to snapshot 200% multiplicative damage is not a good idea considering Sorc’s damage is already busted

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Well, IF they change that to multiplicative, they of course could tweak the numbers.

But snapshotting in general should get deleted from the game entirely IMO, but well that’s another discussion.

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