VK spell build that isn't devouring orb "auto bomber"?

I don’t think I ever liked that build myself and always hoped for some more spell variety for VKs. Haven’t played in over a year and made a return recently. Has there ever anything been added in that time to spicy VK spell builds up with some variety? Some skill-changing unique or such? I found a 295% omnividience yesterday and would love to do something with it.

Devouring Orb is part of pretty much every VK spell build, often even in melee ones. It offers some decent utility and also damage for little investment. There aren’t that many alternatives when it comes to void spells.
If you want to go entirely without utilising Devouring Orb you could go the Abyssal Echoes / Smite route, e.g. scaling Abyssal Echoes DoT damage and trigger it with Smite. Or you use Abyssal Echoes purely as utility and scale Smite’s crit damage. Both variants are decent.
Then there’s also Void Cleave’s Ravaging Aura (sub-skill) spell DoT scaling build, often paired with the auto-cast node for Abyssal Echoes in Void Cleave’s tree. It’s cheap to get going, is mostly used for its phenomenal clear speed (especially with the node that makes VC a traversal skill), doesn’t scale all to well into high corruption but is quite fun. Given that VC is a melee skill I wouldn’t call that a classic spell build, though.
IIRC Hammer Throw’s Disintigrating Aura (sub-skill) got a fix recently and it falls pretty much in the same category as the previously mentioned Ravaging Aura one. Not sure about its performance though, as I haven’t played it yet.
The only other “different thing” I can think of right now would be to try to scale the spell (Void Rift) portion of Erasing Strike. But Erasing Strike feels quite clunky to play and its scaling is underwhelming. And you’d also have to scale its melee portion so that the spell part even comes into play. It’s quite bad and anything but fun IMO.

You could try the Void Beam from Erasing Strike, but … well you could try
Disintegrating aura is quite fun, and with some gear can be pretty decent (if you are not looking to do more then 500-600 corruption)
Edit: its not a spell though its a throwing dot

Well Void Knight comes with 4 skills with spell tag and smite can be transfered into a void skill as well as Sigils of Hope and rebuke to some extend.

I think without Devouring Orb a Void Caster is not realy happening outside of Smite spam.

Erasing Strike Void Beam
Void Cleave Ravaging Aura
Selfcasting Smite (converted to Void) + Anomaly or Abyssal Echo

Also there is a build using one of the 0.9.0 new uniques Shadow Beacon, that is using Devouring Orb + Erasing Strike. Its quite similar but a bit more active then the regular DO spamming auto bomber.

There is shield rush void beam too for some extra hipster points

Yup, I had one of those but it’s a bit clinky being a channelled build you need to channel for the minimum amount of time.