VK Smiter! 500+ Arena Pusher | Build Guide | 0.8.3E

@radthaaad, I was wondering the same and just did the switch to it around lv 57 from warpath (The Lv 1-75 level guide). I took the first wand and shield I found. I was scared to be stuck with low level skill / no gear but hell no, I’m clearing way faster!

Any particular uniques that can boost this build’s efficiency in endgame?

Gotta be the most absent minded capable build yet. :wink:

At level 100 but dont even have ideal blessings or properly stacked vitality and this build is is literally a Netflix multitaskers best build… With the numlock autocast trick, you dont need to do a damn thing - just run around occassionally proccing Smite on a rare or boss… thats it… Only time you have to concentrate is to fight the main bosses at the end of the timelines in mono…

Its so easy to play its borderline boring… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Great for farming while binge watching something thats for use…

Hi, just to be sure that I dont missunderstood, do you said that with smite that is switched to void dammage smite dosent heal anymore?

Yes, the Temporal Corruption passive removes the heal from Smite but gives your spells & attacks some more flat damage.

When would you pick up the skills in the paladin tree? I’m 64 and about to respec but unsure what order to take the passives, unless I missed it in the guide somewhere…?

I would grab the asap as they provide a huge amount of the damage.

Hi, if i find the Omnividence can i use it in this build too? and what is better for empowered echos autobomber or this smite?, thx

I play both builds (and enjoy both) so here’s my take on your questions.

  1. You could use it, like many other builds LE is very forgiving to changing builds in how you want. Be aware though that this build is more defensive than the autobomber so you would lose the shield. This then means that you need to find 75% poison resist on other gear and you also lose the block % & effectiveness. The reason for using omni mainly on the bomber is for the reduced mana cost, not damage. As this build uses Smite, the mana cost isn’t an issue so Omni is only an alternative source of damage numbers.

  2. Which is best? There’s no clear answer to that as with most LE builds. They bring different things to the table.

I modified the autobomber to use Smite as well along with a +1 relic (giving +2 overall to Smite). My reasoning was that using Abyssal Echoes and it’s limited use even with reduced mana cost just felt lower in damage to me, and I would prefer being able to spam Smite as and when I wanted with no adverse mana difference.

So, I can compare this build and autobomber with Smite for you with my opinion on empowered monos. The main differences in the builds for my versions are this:

Smiter (this one) gas less stuttering with it’s DO tree points and also the benefit of the “Oh Crap” Rebuke which can get you out of trouble in tight spots. It also has the extra block from the shield which adds some extra slight tankiness. This one is slightly slower in clearing trash packs in monos but better with the bosses imho. It’s also a lot easier on the heartrate when fighting Shade at higher levels of corruption.

Autobomber (with Smite) is faster at the clearing and DO does a little more damage. DO has a LOT more stutter though, so the Shield Rush is quite needed for moving around quickly. The lack of rebuke & the loss of the blocks from a shield make Bosses & high corruption Shades more tricky. Player skill comes more into play then and Shield Rush becomes a much needed defensive option. When fighting Shade though, even Shield Rush can’t help you in the restricted space and I have died due to not being able to leech fast enough, avoid AOE puddles, and running out of flasks.

All in all, my conclusion is that it comes down to preferences. The Smiter is quicker for getting to the bosses/Shade and doing more monos. The Autobomber (with Smite) takes longer to do more monos & get to the bosses, but safer when you get there.

Hope this helps :smiley:

ohh thx for that complex answer :), now i try run that autobomber and i follow boardman guide and its work pretty well, you have smite instead of abyssal echoes i gues in your autobomber? Its true that iam happy that i find that Omnividience, but i suppose i will try that smiter later, even just becose my PC get laggy with autobomber :smiley:

No problem matey.
Yes, I prefer Smite in my autobomber, but I would try it as the build goes first and see how it works for you :smiley:
The main thing is to enjoy it

How are folks managing mana in the mid-50’s lvl range.? I have DO on auto cast and occasionally run so low on mana I cannot cast Smite. I plan to respec. into the 0 cost mana nodes but was wondering if there were any other ways to do this. I still have Rime in mix at 0 cost but want to ditch this for Anomaly/Sigils of Hope.

Equip a wand/staff so that Smite has zero cost & you’ll get enough from the Time & Faith passive (+10 mana per Smite cast).

Hmm…good idea, I was using the Forgotten Knight shield/sword for the void boost but had not thought of that…thanks Llama.

I found using the forgotten knight shield and amulet for the extra damage works well. Not sure if I will stick with it endgame, but for mid levels, they are very strong.

I had a question about sigil of hope spec in this build. The guide in the original post puts a point into meditation, but as far as I can tell that doesn’t do anything because of sigils of despair. Is there something I am missing?

You are not missing anything… its just to get to the block chance node… There are lots of instances in LE where you have to take a preceeding node that potentially does nothing/negated to get to a node further along in the chain…

I think I had been looking at the wrong version of the build. It makes much more sense when you pick up the block nodes. Thanks.

Hi Guys!
So I’ve been playing this build for a while now, at level 88 now.
I’m having trouble finding “Level of Smite” for the Relic.
I’m using the loot filter posted in this thread + I’ve added another rule of my own to colorize this specific affix and still can’t seem to find any.
Is it that rare or am I doing something wrong with the filter?

It is a very rare shard drop and fairly rare affix on an item drop so it will be hard to get… You can benefit from the blessings for shards etc to improve this but as long as your filter is correctly setup it will just take a grind. I have hundreds of hours specifically in Sentinel builds and I dont have that many +Level to Smite shards collected… Obviously higher level monos will drop lots more so it could just be a question of you needing to grind away… imho, you are likely to get this affix on a gear drop before you will get it as a shard drop…

The “level of” affixes are all rare so you’re just being unlucky. If you recolour that particular affix in your loot filter that will help you not miss any that drop for you.