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VK Autobomber Smite

Hi, i started this game a few days ago - no idea what to do so i checked some guides.

Since every build is a bit different i´m here to look for some help.

Just reached lv 100 monlith and it feels ruff - any suggestions?

and i don´t know how to post in Void Knight categorie /

Thx Arubel

Not sure what you mean by “it feels ruff” - I am assuming you are feeling a little squishy?

Personally, I prefer the wand/shield version of this build… as it gives another layer of defence that is very useful and you dont really lose that much damage…

Your mana is probably too low to sustain a decent amout of devouring orbs - even with Smite generating more - but I see you dont have that passive enabled… I have a similar build with about 220 mana and I never run out so I can constantly case devouring orb and anything else I need without problems.

While your health is at ok levels and your leech should be enough, your armour is also pretty low for a build not using Sigils of Hope… and it looks like its your ownly defensive layer beyond res/ca… and that can be an issue at higher levels…

Not sure if using Javeline for smite is worth it in this build… devouring orbs should be clearing mobs easily and then you need a single target attack which normal smite on its own should be able to handle… Javelin as you have spec’d it seems unneccessary to me at least… If you wanted to go Javelin/Smite then I’d ditch the devouring orb route, but obviously you have already chosen VK not Paladin or FG…

Otherwise your build is fairly similar in setup to LizardIRL, perrythepig and Boardman21s builds - you just need to adjust it to whatever solves “ruff”,

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Thx for your answer

Befor lv 100 everything was fine, but i think my devouring orb dmg is to low for the trash or blue mobs (about 20k tooltip with anomaly activated)

Monolith Bosses @ lv 90 were easy to fight - now i some mobs rly hit me hard.

i have no mana problems since i´m using Omnividence - before that i used a second Ring with some mana reg.

I´m using Javeline to deal some extra DPS @ bosses (auto cast smite) and get life reg.I don´t know what you mean with using Javeline for Smite, i can use both?

So your advice would be to drop Javeling and get Sigil of hope? + to get more armor

sry if i don´t understand all - my englisch is bad

the updated build Void Knight, Level 86 (LE Beta 0.8.5f) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Devouring Orbs is one of the most OP skills in the game right now - just watch a video from the streamers i mentioned… LizardIRL even has a video where he runs around virtually naked at 500 corruption using Devouring Orb to kill everything to prove a point.

Player ability aside, with the proper spec, focussing on void/spell damage, it literally obliterates any and all mobs - you just run around in an almost fire & forget mode and things just die everywhere… The only time you need more concentrated damage is for final bosses so thats how you should focus your single target skill if you are going the DO route… I have a DO build that has over 1000% increased void damage (yes, its min/maxed lvel 100) and its easily the best mono clearing build I have. I use Smite to add damage/ailments to single boss targets and regen mana if I need it (which is seldom)… Void damage health leech is enough to keep you alive and with a bit of skill in movement/kiting, you barely get hit anyway - and because of devouring orbs, you dont have to aim at anything which makes it even easier to stay safe.

Javelin is an interesting skill that pairs nicely with Smite - its totally different to a devouring orb build tho… its lightning, electrify focussed, not void and with smite not converted, it meshes with smite healing too… so for me, your build looks like its got two mob clearing skills with one that “sort of” helps with single target but improving damage on one skill only partially boosts the other…

If you are feeling squishy (weak) then you need to up your defences somehow… Sigils of Hope gives you both additional damage & defence so its usually in most sentinel builds… and by spending a few points in the alternative class you can use it with a void knight…

Generally I prefer to focus a build - especially for end-game - before level 100 monoliths, almost anything goes, but after , things can get much more difficult and builds tend to need pick how they are doing damage and ensure that the defences are optimal.

You need to stack Vit as well, not just % modifiers.