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VK autobomber animation twitching

Hey guys. I just made a VK autobomber and loving it so far :slight_smile: Now, there is a slight problem with animation when VK casts automatically devouring orb. There is a short animation and delay when characted makes new orb. This stop my characted moving for a sec and for example bosses like Argentus I tend to die when Argentus does he’s AOE attack - the one where you need run around screen not to get touched by that purple stuff

When I try to run my char casts devouring orb and stops for a second. Then that purple stuff reaches me and BUM! I am dead. How do you guys deal with this or does anyone ever even tumble this kind of a problem?


Devouring isnt instant cast so your cast speed applies, this is the same for any spell in the game that isnt instant

You have 3 options -

  1. Get more cast speed so your delay is shorter - not worth it imo
  2. Get tankier so you dont die in 1 hit - reasonable suggestion
  3. Stop autocasting so you dont cast while a mob is directly attacking you at that moment, which is a drawback to letting the game decide when you cast.

If you fix #2 then it shouldnt matter about taking a hit as much, VKs stack Vitality anyway

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Thanks for quick answer. I think that second option is by far the best. Then again - I just want the Wings from Argentus but I can always grind them with another char, but mostly I was wondering if there is an option or graphic setup to prevent that small animation

Just so you know, you will encounter this problem very often during the endgame, especially against Last Ruin final boss and every single Orobyss. Basically every boss that launches AOE or spell you have to dodge absolutely in a short space.

As already mentioned the “stuttering” is because Devouring Orb is not an autocast.
In other words: “It’s a feature!”.
What you are asking for is impossible and would be pretty much the equivalent of asking in a racing game to remove acceleration from your car so it will go top speed instantly when you press a button. At least that was the first analogy that came to my mind, there are probably better ones. :wink:

It’s not a feature, but it is intended, it’s also not impossible for the devs to add in a node or unique that makes Devouring Orb instant, they probably just don’t want to for balance reasons.

I fail to see the difference between calling a casting animation a “feature” or “intended”. A feature (usually) means that something is intended.


I think so too.
I also think that, given the popularity of the Autobomber build, something with Devouring Orb (or autocast stuff in general) will change in the future.
I mean it pretty much has to because quite a few builds use autocast and I feel like most of them are rather popular builds.

If every skill had the option to autocast for 1 skill point but cost 50% more mana some of the issues would be changed as then you may need to generate mana to keep up

Theres a node in Aura of Decay that lowers your mana regen by flat 2 per point and I cant even take all 3 even without autocasting as I will run out of mana just tapping Wandering Spirits as a channel while mapping/moving around

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