Vitality shards on gloves?

I try to forge my gloves. It has 4 affixes at tiers: 2,1,2,2 and 14 forging potential.

1 of the affixes i cant forge because i have none of the shards. The up arrow is not there and the amount of shards is stated as " - "

2 affixies i can forge because i have 5 and 9 of the shards respectively. The up arrow is there and the amounts of shards are stated.

The last affix is Vitality. The up arrow is there, it states i have 3 shards. If i click the up arrow, i dont get to craft.

Now when i look at my shards, i see that i do indeed have 3 vitality shards. However, when i mouse over them, they indicate they can’t be used on gloves. I see the shards for the other 3 attributes can be used on gloves.

So whats wrong with my vitality shards ?
Or how did i get gloves with vitality on them ?

I think that you might have a legacy item. Gloves used to be able to have vitality on it but it sounds kind we have changed that. So, you can keep the affix and use the gloves but you can’t craft on it.

Yup, it can only be put on helmet, body armour and boots.

God bless the Queen legacy items…

Corrected for you

I know what I said…

What is the reasoning behind certain affixes not being able to be rolled on certain pieces of gear? I’ve always been curious.

It really depends on context. Sometimes it can range from thematic reasons like block making sense as a shield affix but not so much as on a helmet to mechanical ones like wanting to restrict the overall availability of an affix like increased cooldown recovery speed on the helmet and nowhere else.

This also lets us break the rules with unique items that open up interesting build options that in turn come with their own opportunity costs.


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